Tuesday, 1 January 2013

::Rebat Rm200 wei::

As promised, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) today has launched the official website for eligible youths across the country to apply for the much talked about Youth Communication Package which offers RM 200 discount on selected smartphones.

The website which is located at komunikasibelia.skmm.gov.my served as the first stop for all users that are interested in obtaining a smartphone via the package. Divided into two different section – employed individuals and students – the secure 4-steps registration process are rather straight forward.

However, users that are registering under the employed category might want to get their KWSP (EPF) number ready beforehand since the registration process requires it. In addition to that, the site also asks for applicant’s social networks and blog address – a rather amusing question to us although applicants can actually choose not not provide those details in their online application form.

 At the end of the registration process, successful applicants will then receive a slip that they have to print and present to the authorized dealers in order to enjoy the RM 200 discount for their smartphone purchase. A copy of the slip will also be delivered to applicant’s e-mail in the form of PDF file.

Read more: http://nabil-potter.blogspot.com/#ixzz2GmwQgdmg

::senyum sampai telinga::

again,again and again..
saya tersenyum lg tgk cte ny...
ok mmg confirm lah beli novel, mesti cm kerang busuk jer nnty..
hahahahaahahahha... saya tumpang bahagia tgk cerita ny...
cerita ape lah lg kan lau x setia hujung nyawa ny,..
wahhhhhhhh tdo mlm ny mntk2 mmpi sweet mcm cte ny...
bahgia,bahagia, bahagia...